Terms and Conditions

Space Crowd Fund Terms and Conditions
Version: SpaceCrowdFund-Terms-Conditions-v1
Thursday, 22 September 2016

I.    SpaceCrowdFund.com Terms and Conditions
www.spacecrowdfund.com is a website operated by Space Ventures Investors Ltd (“SVI”).
This page tells you the terms on which you may use the website www.spacecrowdfund.com (SCF).
By using SCF, you indicate that you accept these terms of use and that you agree to abide by them.
If you do not agree to these terms of use, please refrain from using SCF.
Note: If registered as a Member, then as a User, Project Backer, Project Owner or Project Partners, it is important to read the Terms and Conditions because the expectations for all parties, plus that of SCF and SVI, are explained clearly.

II.    Definitions
Visitor: Anyone visiting spacecrowdfund.com, either browsing or with the intention of becoming a User, Project Owner or Project Partner.
Member: Anyone who as registered on the SCF platform.
User: A User is a person that has signed up to spacecrowdfund.com with the intention of supporting a Project, becoming a Project Owner or Project Partner.
Project: A Project is a stated Product, Business Model, Financial Product, Space Mission or Concept that is seeking Investor Capital from Users in exchange for Equity or some other remuneration.
Owners: A Project Owner may be an Individual, a Team, or a proposed or existing Company, that has full responsibility for the Project.
Backers: A User who has, via SCF, stated their intention to support the Project financially, or otherwise (e.g. in-kind support, work commitment, share swap, bond or otherwise).
Partners: A company or individual that has declared their interest to support a specific Project(s), if that Project reaches its funding goals.
You: This refers to anyone who is one of the following; Visitor, User, Project Owner, Project Backer, Project Partner.
SCF: www.spacecrowdfund.com
SVI: Space Ventures Investors Ltd (“SVI”) is the owner of www.spacecrowdfund.com.
We: Collectively SCF and SVI.

III.    Information About Us
Company Information
www.spacecrowdfund.com is a website operated by Space Ventures Investors Ltd (“SVI”).
SVI is registered in England and Wales under company number 09340453.
SVI was registered in December 2014.
Postal Address
Space Ventures Investors Ltd
Postfach 600754
60337 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Registered Address
Space Ventures Investors Limited
Third Floor, 207 Regent Street
London, W1B 3HH, United Kingdom
For more information visit us online.
IV.    Accessing and Using SpaceCrowdFund
Access to SCF is permitted on a temporary basis, and we reserve the right to withdraw or amend the service we provide on SCF without notice.
We will not be liable if our website is inaccessible.
We may restrict or block your access to some or all of SCF, if we suspect you are not complying with these Terms and Conditions.
You are responsible for making all arrangements necessary for you to have access to SCF.
You are also responsible for ensuring that all persons who access SCF through your internet connection are aware of these terms, and that they comply with them.
V.    Protection for All Participants on SCF
No financial transactions of any kind (other than related to SVI’s operation of SCF) are carried out via SCF or on any related website. This may change in the future.
SCF does not instruct any financial transaction between Users / Backers, and Owners.
Any investment opportunity published on SCF (or any SCF related social media or other online publishing platform) is not an offer to the public.
A Visitor, User, or a Project Backer, is not required to invest in, or partake in any way or form, in any Project that they are a Project Backer for.
A Project Owner, responsible for Projects, has no legal right to assert that any User or Backer has to invest in any way of form into any Project related company or business.
Should a Project successfully reach their fund-raising goal on SCF, the Project Owners is under no obligation to execute their stated intentions as published on SCF. They may, upon request, and with intent to execute their stated intentions, contact SCF to receive the contact details of the relevant Project Backers.
SCF will then email all relevant Project Backers and advise them that the Project Owner will contact them. From this point:
1. Project Owners are responsible for providing relevant investment information (as required by the legal obligations of their respective region of operation) about the investment opportunity, to the Project Backers.
2. SCF and SVI are not responsible for the relationship between Project Owners and Project Backers.

VI.    Evaluating Projects on SCF
Project specific commentary and forward guidance and other materials posted on SCF are not intended to amount to investment advice.
SVI is not liable or responsible for any reliance placed on such materials by you or anyone who you may inform of any of its contents.
It is up to individual Users and Project Owners to evaluate information posted on SCF.

VII.    Relationship between SCF, Users and Projects Owners
SCF is a platform for Users and Projects to meet, a networking hub for space investors with space entrepreneurs; including Project Owners and Partners.
However, SCF is a website that introduces several parties, and is in no way a platform or source of information that gives investing advice.
All Users who becomes Project Backers are required to carry out their own Due Diligence into Projects, Project Owners and Project Partners.
Project Backers may contact SCF to request further non-online / non-public information regarding Projects, including 1-on-1 conference calls.
Until a Project has reached its stated financial goals whilst using SCF as a service to achieve such results, all communication between Visitors, Users, Project Backers, Project Owners and Project Partners, will be managed by Space Ventures Investors Ltd (SVI), using the spacecrowfund.com platform; this may include sub domains of spacecrowfund.com, or online services that facilitate meetings.
The Project Owner may add supplementary material to their Project and they may edit their Project. If so, all related Project Backers and Project Partners must be informed by email of new changes.
For Projects with a fund-raising target of €250,000, and where 50% of this fund-raising has been met, SVI has the first right, if required to facilitate, for the organising of secure data rooms or other online storage solutions, for the exchange of extra documents and media and other supplementary content related to Projects, that the Project Owner may not wish to publish online.
An Example of SCF Operations and Processes:
Part 1. A Project Owner has developed a Project; a business model for a Space Start-up and an estimate of funding required. They approach SCF to publish their Project.
Part 2. SCF reviews all available information, including the technology (will it work?), the business model, the capital requirements (are they realistic?), the ideal kind of investors they would like, and then agrees to publish the Project on SCF.
The project content may be edited by SCF.
Some of Project content may be under the copyright of the Project Owner. In any case, content and other material provided (uploaded, emailed) by the Project Owner can be posted on SCF without the written consent of, but must be attributed to, the Project and Project Owner.
The Project Owner is seeking capital from investors (Users) in exchange for equity (or other) in the business (the Project).
The Project Owner and SCF agree via ‘SCF Project Agreement’ on the required investor capital, the minimum investor amount from each investor (User), e.g. $2,000, and how long the Project shall be published on SCF, e.g. 6 months.
This process may require 2-8 weeks.
Part 3. SCF publishes the Project. The Project is live.
SCF sends out a monthly Newsletter to Users that have opted-in to receive this newsletter.
Several Users visit the Project.
Visitors to SCF signup to become Users and visit the Project.
Visitors to SCF related social media platforms find out about the Project and signup on SCF.
Every month, SCF will report to the Project Owner basic information about their Project; Visitors and User online interaction with their Project on SCF, and general information about Project Backers.
After 3 Months, a prospective Project Partner approaches the Project Owner to offer their service. The Project Owner agrees and the content of the Project changes; all Project Backers are advised of changes by email; they can decide to not back the project, or continue.
After 6 months, from the Users on SCF, some have become Project Backers of the Project.
SCF then contacts the Project Owner with the details of the Project Backers.
Part 4. The Project Owner communicates with the Project Backers about how they wish to exactly raise funding for the Project; share issuance in their own region, debt offering etc.
The Project Backers, as investors, are now dealing with the Project Owner.
The Project Backers are still Users on SCF.
For any successful Project (where Project Backers fund a Project), SCF takes a small fee.

VIII.    Explicit Terms and Conditions for Users and Project Backers
The user identity must be a real individual, or a real Company or Business.
SCF may at any time request a User to provide more information to help identify them self as a Potential Backer.
SCF may at any time request a Project Backer to provide more information to help identify them self.
This may include a secondary email address, a copy of a letter of reference or residence, a copy of a personal identification.
Users must be over 18 years old, or, will be 18 in the time during which any Project they as a Visitor have then become a Project Backer for, will be posted on SCF.
No Plagiarism: Users (and this includes anyone using SCF excluding Visitors), through their use of SCF, are not allowed to create businesses with names, trademarks, designs, that are the same as business names, names of anyone using SCF, designs, designs of technology, that they have had access to on, and been introduced to by, SCF.

IX.    Explicit Terms and Conditions for Project Owners and their Projects
Project Owners must be real individuals, including when they are representatives of a real Company or Business.
SCF may at any time request a Project Owner to provide more information to help identify them self. This may include a secondary email address, a copy of a letter of reference or residence, a copy of a personal identification, a copy of business or company registration, evidence of education or business in Project related field or industry, a letter from any firm related to the Project, e.g. a supplier of technology.
Project Owner must be over 18 years old, or, will be 18 in the agreed time during which their Project will be posted on SCF.
Exception can be made for School Projects where an adult is involved – contact SCF.
Project Owners must supply reliable content to substantiate their Project, including clear and concise business plans, an explanation of existing or proposed technology vital to the functioned and execution of the Project, using sources (external studies, reports, news reports), back-up material (PDF downloads), and business modelling. Content must be supplied in PDF format, and as actual source files with relevant documentation, reports, and original data and graphics, categorised clearly.
SCF may ask prospective Project Owners to review and revise any of the content related to their Project.
Project content may be edited by SCF and SVI staff, and then requires sign-off (by email) by Project Owners before being published on SCF.
Project Owners are responsible for not publishing material on SCF that infringes copyright laws.
SCF may at any time request a Project Owner to provide more information to help support their Project. This may include a letter of formal intent from a Project Owner to undertake their specific Project, evidence of relevant business experience in the Project related field or industry. This extra information may not have to be made publically available on SCF, it may only be used to verify the identity and commitment of a Project Owners and Project Partners.
SCF reserves the right to refuse any Project from being published or promoted on SCF.
SVI can be the originator of, or a joint-venture participant in, a Project, to facilitate the progress, development and execution of a Project’s aims. SVI then becomes a joint Project Owner.

X.    Explicit Terms and Conditions for Project Partners
Project Partners are providers of services and technologies to support Projects in becoming viable operations; businesses, networks, products or services, or otherwise.
Project Partners agree to provide material (content that can be posted on SCF) to support Projects they are involved with, this may include brochures, presentations and any other material deemed to be relevant to the Project.
This material will be publically available to Users and Visitors.
More sensitive information may be withheld until requested by Project related Project Backers.
Project Partners must be real individuals, a Company or Business, a Government Agency that has been mandated to foster the growth of space, financial technology, data, clean tech, clean energy, and geological start-ups and companies.
A Project Partner may support multiple Projects.
SCF may at any time request a Project Partner to provide more information to help identify them self. This may include a letter of formal intent from a Project Partner to support a specific Project, a copy of business or company registration, evidence of relevant business experience in the Project related field or industry. This extra information may not have to be made publically available on SCF, it may only be used to verify the identity and commitment of a Project Partners.
SVI can be listed as a Project Partner, in order to facilitate the progress, development and execution of a Project.
However, SVI can not be a Project Owner and Project Partner on the same Project.

XI.    Managing Backers with Projects, Owners and Partners
Space Ventures Investors Ltd (SVI), has the first right to appoint a third party to manage the contractual and investment relationship between Backers of a Project and its Owner(s), of the Project Owner is unable to do so, due to restraints such as, but not exclusively, lack of specific expertise, lack of time, and insufficient resources to properly manage the contractual and investment relationship between Backers of a Project and its Owner(s).

XII.    Compliance
For any issues related to compliance get in contact with SCF.
Compliance issues include:
Where a Project Backer may have gained knowledge from a previous Project and becomes a Project Owner of their own Project, using knowledge gained from the previous Project.
Where a Project Backer has an invested interest in a target acquisition (e.g. stock, fund, private company) that is mentioned in a Project as a future strategy or integral to its business model.

XIII.    Explicit Terms and Conditions for Space CrowdFund and Space Ventures Investors Ltd.
SCF is required to verify:
1. The realistic possibility that the business models supporting Projects may become functioning businesses in the space commerce sector.
2. That Project Owners are fit to execute their Projects, based on screening Project Owners and Project Partners.
3. That Users who become Project Backers have real intent to evaluate the Project as a feasible investment, outside of SCF’s influence.
SVI can create Projects, and be a Project Partner to Projects, however SVI cannot be a Project Owner and Project Partner on the same Project.
SVI and SCF staff (acting as individuals, and making a personal decision) may be Project Backers.

XIV.    Demonstration Projects
SCF may publish Demonstration Projects, complete with Demonstration Project Backers, Owners and Partners. All these entities will include the word ‘Demonstration’ to denote that they are for demonstration purposes only.

XV.    Newsletters
Anyone that subscribe to SCF and SVI newsletter(s) may choose to stop receiving newsletters. Unsubscribe instructions are included in all emails, yet also requires the 3rd party newsletters provider to be operational and can process your instruction.

XVI.    Social Media: You and Space CrowdFund
If you interact with SCF and SVI via social media providers, on any device, you are not allowed to Spam, Troll or in general state non-verifiable opinions about SCF, SVI, Users, Projects, Project Owners and Project Partners.
If you wish to publish a genuine concern about the operation of SCF, SVI, other Users, Projects, Project Owners and Project Partners, on a social media platform, you may do so, only after consulting with SCF by email.

SVI is the owner or the licensee of all intellectual property rights in SCF, and the material published on it.
Those works are protected by copyright laws and treaties around the world. All such rights are reserved.
SVI is not responsible for content posted by third parties on SCF, including: Users, Project Owners, Project Backers, Project Partners, and any other space commerce related business.
If you believe that any content on SCF infringes your intellectual property rights, please inform us by email, explaining the evidence of your ownership, the URL of the infringing content, and any persons involved.
We will review your notice and take appropriate action, including removing such content where appropriate.

XVIII.    Content Updates on SCF
SVI will update SCF on a regular basis and may change content.
SVI may suspend access to SCF, or close it indefinitely.
Material on SCF that may be out of date or deemed inappropriate can be removed, and SVI is under no obligation to update such material.
SCF will endeavour to alert Project Backers of any changes to Projects they are backing.

The content posted on SCF is provided without any guarantees, conditions or warranties as to its accuracy.
SCF if not liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage incurred by any User, Project Backer, Project Owner, or Project Partners, in their connection with the use, or inability to use properly, SCF.
SCF is not liable for the loss of income, revenue, business, profits, contracts, anticipated savings, data, goodwill, time (management, work or personal), or any other loss or damage of any kind, however possible and un-predictable, even if foreseeable.

XX.    User Information Collected by SCF and SVI
SVI tracks analytical information from you, and information (e.g. personal, business, corporate) supplied by Users, Project Owners, and Project Partners, in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
By using SCF you consent to such processing and you warrant that all data provided by you is accurate.

XXI.    Online Malicious Actions: Viruses, Hacking and Cybercrime
You must not misuse SCF by:
1. Directing Visitors to SCF, who have had convictions in the last 20 years in cybercrime (in the UK or any other region) and related offences (including identity theft). For exceptions and exemptions, contact SCF.
2. Introducing viruses, Trojan software, spy software, sphishing software, initiating or planning I.P. denials, or any other material or action which is malicious (intentionally or accidental) or technologically harmful to the operation of SCF.
3. You must not attempt to gain unauthorised access to our website, servers, accounts located on 3rd party servers, nor any device associated with SCF, SVI and related staff.
By breaching these conditions, you may be committing a criminal offence under the Computer Misuse Act 1990. Any breach will be reported to the relevant law enforcement authorities and we will co-operate with those authorities by disclosing your identity to them. In the event of such a breach, your rights to use SCF will cease immediately.
We will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by a denial-of-service attack or Viruses that may infect your computer equipment, computer programs, data or other proprietary material due to your use of SCF, or to your downloading of any material posted on it, or on any website linked to it.

XXII.    Use of SCF
You must not use a login to SCF that is not your own, or use anything other than your personal or work related email address.
You must not impersonate SCF Staff, Users, Project Backers, Project Owners or Project Partners.
You must not use your interaction (including information and contacts made) with SCF to direct anyone using SCF to a 3rd party provider or competitor to SCF, with the intent of selling, marketing, networking or offering surveys and competitions.

XXIII.    Links to SCF and Un-authorised Copying of Content
You may link to SCF without our permission, providing you are not partaking in ‘black hat’ search engine marketing activities, e.g. creating web material (spam webpages) with little or no commercial value related to the operations of SCF and SVI.
You may not copy, or copy and edit, content from SCF and repost such content, either manually or automatically, without SCF’s prior written consent.
You may share SCF content on social media platforms.
SCF must not be framed (e.g. HTML Frame), or the content duplicated, on any other website without SCF’s written permission.
We reserve the right to withdraw linking, scraping and framing permission without notice.
If you wish to make any use of material on SCF other than that set out above, please contact us.

XXIV.    Hyperlinks from SCF and Social Media Platforms
Where SCF links to other websites and resources provided by third parties (e.g. Project Owners), these links are provided for your information only.
SCF has limited control over the content of those sites or resources, and accepts no responsibility for them or for any loss or damage that may arise from your use of them.
SCF must check every hyperlink to determine if the external website content is a realistic relation (commercial or otherwise) to a User, Project, or Project Owner, Project Partner.

XXV.    Jurisdiction and Applicable Law
The English courts will have non-exclusive jurisdiction over any claim arising from, or related to, a visit to our website although we retain the right to bring proceedings against you for breach of these conditions, in your country of residence or any other relevant country.
These terms of use are governed by English law.

XXVI.    Updates to our Terms and Conditions
SCF may revise these Terms and Conditions at any time by updating this webpage and document.
SCF will endeavour to provide adequate versioning information for updated Terms and Conditions.

XXVII.    Feedback
You may contact SCF about any matter related to your use of SCF.
we are [as one word without spaces] AT spacecrowdfund.com
Postal Address
Postfach 600754, 60337
Frankfurt am Main, Germany