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Invest in Mars

Invest in Mars

This is an evolving Project on Space CrowdFund – Show Your Support for Investing in Mar.

Investing in Mars Ads

The history of human exploration has taken a brief pause due to the digital revolution. Now that space technology has advanced, humanity can continue to explore, and instead of the old world conquering the new world, it is time to colonise off-world.

To be part of this natural progression, you can Invest in a Mars.

Getting people and equipment to Mars is an industry within itself, and is built on lower-launch-cost businesses plus numerous companies (many listed on stock exchanges around the world) that develop the technology and talent for Space 2.0.

To fund a Mars Colony investors must accept that the longevity of their investment may be twenty years, but profits may be available as dividends within five years, or earlier.

Investing in Mars is not just investing in companies, property and materials developed on Mars, it is primarily and predominantly utilising funds in a strategic manner to invest in the infrastructure that supports missions and then subsequent transportation to Mars.

Some of the technologies include, and can be invested in right now, long-distance communications, robotics, launch providers, and space habitats.

The goal of Investing in Mars is to create a profitable company that invests in the space infrastructure required to colonise Mars, but to also realistically develop value and return profits every year to investors on Earth.

Choose Your Own Investment Level.

Mars $1000

Mars $5,000

Mars $10,000

Funding for Invest in a Mars Colony will be open for a 3 Year Period.

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