Launch a Project

Join our Solar System’s Only Dedicated Space CrowdFunding Platform.

To Launch a Project on Space CrowdFund follow these instructions:

  1. Visit our How To page to understand how Space CrowdFunding operates on this website.
  2. Read the New Project Checklist below, then…
  3. Fill in the form. If the form is not displaying, then click on this link: Start a Project on  Space CrowdFund.
  4. We will review your Project and get back to with a Yes / No response, or request to Improve Your Project Details.
  5. If Yes, we send the Project Owner a login and Project Proposal Documentation.
  6. Review other projects. Discuss your project as a business or technology with your peers. Send your completed Project Proposal Documentation to use. Note: The Project Proposal Documentation is only available to prospective Project Owners.
  7. We will review it, this may take 2-8 weeks. If we see that the Project is feasible as a space commerce business, plus a plethora of other factors that make it workable, we will get back to discuss adding your Project to Space CrowdFund.
  8. The Finer Details. Project duration, required investment, eventual corporate structure, legalities and other interesting and important details will have to be worked out upfront.
  9. Launch. Your Project is on Space CrowdFund. Let’s see how private and large investors in the emerging space commerce market evaluate it.

New Project Checklist

Before you submit your Space Commerce Project,  ask yourself: Is Your Idea of a Space Mission or Space Business a Concept, 1st Draft or Final Draft?

Investors in space are sophisticated, savvy and most of all sceptical. Before submitting to Space Crowd Fund, revise your Project against our simple check list:

1. Existing Capital. Have you received funding or support, e.g. previously crowdfunding (including not reaching your target which is not a hindrance), support from space agencies like the European Space Agency Business Incubator Centres , or do you have your own capital already invested?

2. The Team. Who are you. Who is the team. How many hours per work can be committed and with funding, how will the emerging space business operate? We do offer services to facilitate space start-ups setting up their business without having to drown in bureaucracy.

3. The Knowledge. Following on the from the team, what knowledge is tied into the project which is unique? This may be intellectual property, patents, or simple putting existing technology together into a space setting – a theme we are looking favourably on.

4. The Launch Plan. Technically, how to get your project up there / up into orbit / up into orbit and back down to earth again.

5. The Business Plan. How do you envisage your space hardware, software or service to fill a niche or open up an opportunity?

6. Transparent Milestones and Options. Investors require results to reward their own decision making. A crowdfunded space project needs transparent milestones and backup options if after funding, the road to launch or activation takes a turn for the worse, or even better, in a completely unexpected and more positive direction leads to, and dare we say it, a truly disruptive outcome.

Thanks for submitting your Project to Space CrowdFund.

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