Space Crowd Fund Privacy Policy

Version: SpaceCrowdFund-Privacy-Policy-v1
Thursday, 22 September 2016

Privacy Policy Overview
Space Ventures Investors Ltd (“SVI”) operates (SCF).
By interacting with SCF, by default and design, it is in the best interest of SVI to represent and respect your privacy.
Last Update Effective Date Thursday, 22 September 2016.

This privacy policy applies to the website (SCF) owned and operated by Space Ventures Investors Ltd.
This privacy policy describes how SCF collects and uses the personal information you provide on the website and sub-domains attached to SCF. It also describes the choices available to you regarding our use of your personal information and how you can access and update this information.
Your information is not given to, or sold to, any 3rd parties not related to SCF.
SCF will not pass on your information to non-space businesses, as determined by SVI.
If this Privacy Policy is to change, we will endeavour to contact all relevant parties; Users, Project Owners, Project Backers, Project Partners.
Project Backer information must be shared with Project Owners if a User has expressed their wish to back a specific Project.

I.    The Information We May Collect from You
In order to operate efficiently as a business, and to facilitate bridging Users with Projects and Project Owners, we require certain User information.
If you do not agree to providing this information, then you should not be using SCF.
We trust that Users will provide correct, relevant and verifiable information.
When you visitor SCF you will be tracked by SCF (including SCF’s hosts and third party analytics software) recording details such as IP addresses, browser type and settings, internet service provider, referral and exit pages, operating system, exact time, and if possible social media (Google and Facebook) related data. This information is used to monitor traffic on SCF.
We will collect and process the following information about you:
From general User Sign-Up Forms: First Name, Last Name, Email
From SCF Surveys: We may wish, via invitation, to ask Users to supply their City or residence, Country of residence,  Age, Year of Birth, and questions relating to their investing behaviour.
If You are a Company, Trust, Family Office, we will require company name, type and managers biographies, copies of registration information, and if pertinent, more advanced information for verification.
Communication with SCF and SVI: All forms of communication between you and SCF and SVI will be recorded to the best of our technical ability.
Conversations via VOIP, Skype, telephone may be recorded in note form in a Customer Relationship Management Database.
Surveys: SCF and SVI will record information that you provide by completing surveys.

II.    Use of Your Information
SVI will use your information collected about you in the following ways:
Contact: To maintain contact with you, including emailing of SCF related material to Users that has been posted on SCF, but not more than once per month.
Operations: To collate and interpret in aggregate your information to better serve Users and Projects Owners (including prospective Project Owners who express in writing to know specific metrics about Users and Projects Backers, but excluding their name and email address), Project Backers, and Project Partners, and thus enhance the operations of SCF.

III.    Disclosure of Your Information
A. SVI will only share your information with SCF and SVI related staff, and potential and existing investors in SCF and / or SVI.
B. SVI will disclose User, Project Backers, Project Owner and Project Partner data in order to comply with any legal obligation.
C. If a Users has elected to be Project Backer, the Project Owner or the Project will at some stage be given specific User information, such as:
1. Name, Email, the amount (or otherwise) the Project Backer would like to back the specific Project,
2. and possibly also the Country of Residence, Age and other investment information collected from surveys, that is deemed relevant.

IV.    Access to Your Information
If a User wishes that their information be deleted from SCF, SCF is required to delete all relevant User information within 1 month from the website.
However, all User information, including correspondence, will be held in backup versions by SVI indefinitely. If a User wishes their information is to be removed, they may contact SVI and request so.
In general, User information is stored on SCF for as long as the User account is active. In-active Users accounts (not used in over 3 years) will remain on SCF until SVI Management decide to remove in-active accounts.
If a Project Backer, Project Owner or Project Partner, wishes that their information be deleted from SCF, SCF is required to delete all relevant information within 3 months from the website.
However, all Project Backer, Project Owner or Project Partner information, including correspondence, will be held in backup versions by SVI indefinitely. Anyone can request that their information is to be removed. They may contact SVI.
In general, information is stored on SCF for as long as an account is active. In-active accounts (not used in over 3 years) will remain on SCF until SVI Management decide to remove in-active accounts.

V.    Tracking Software
Tracking Software, both standard and custom, may be used by SCF or analytics service providers and business process service providers. This software is used for analyzing traffic, administering websites, monitoring users’ behaviour on SCF, and to gather demographic data about users.
Tracking Software, including cookies and analytical reporting of anyone using SCF, is used by SCF, on an individual as well as at an aggregated level.
SCF retains the right to use such software to gauge Visitor, User, Project, Projects Owner and Project Partner interaction and usability.
If any person using SCF rejects cookies or disables the detecting of their identity, they may still use SCF, but their technical ability to use all the functions of SCF may be limited.

VI.    Secure Storage of Personal Data
Information collected via SCF will be sent to and stored on servers in global locations.
SVI will endeavour that all data is password protected and if possible encrypted (using secure socket layer technology (SSL)) when in transit.
Do not share your login ID, password or login URLs with anyone.
There is rarely a 100% guarantee that data transferred electronically is safe from 3rd parties.
If you have any reservations about SCF and SVI’s ability to handle any of your data, then do not use SCF.

VII.    Additional Privacy Information
Social Media: Your Activity
If you interact with SCF and SVI on our own sponsored social media pages operating on external providers (e.g. a Facebook page, a SCF created and maintained Blog or Forum), you should check their respective privacy agreements.
Social Media: Integration on SCF and SVI Websites
SCF and SVI websites (including all websites maintained and operated by SVI in support of SCF) use social media integration, some of these scripts will displays profiles of people who have a virtual relationship with SCF and SVI related social media platforms. Your profile may be displayed if you have via that social media platform elected to have a virtual relationship with SCF or SVI.
Example: An individual likes SCF on Google+, they appear on the Google+ widget on
Your interaction with social media platforms that offer integrations scripts promoting their respective social media platforms, is at your own risk.
Forums and P2P Publishing Platforms
SCF and SVI, Users, Projects, Project Owners and Project Partners, may find their details posted on Online Forums and on P2P Publishing Platforms (e.g. WhatsApp).
If any material is deemed offensive, inappropriate, commercially sensitive, or un-verified, feel free to contact SCF with the exact URL and your expectations of what action to take relating to said material.

When anyone partakes in any SCF referral offering to inform a friend who has an interest in space commerce, investing, or both, about SCF, SCF will require their names, and referral recipient name and email address as identification and verification of a successful referral.
Cookies and tracking software may be used in this process.
Recipients of referrals invitations will receive an email.
Referrals may be reneged by contacting SCF

Outward Hyperlinks on SCF
SCF will link to external websites related to Projects and space related groups only.
If you visit a linked website you are subject to their privacy policies. SCF does not accept any responsibility or liability for these policies or the operation of these websites.
If an outward hyperlink on SCF is deemed to be offensive or malicious, contact SCF.

Users’ / Project Backers’ Profiles
SCF may include a User profiles if a User has expressed their intention of backing a Project, on that Project.
As a Project Backer, you may request to be removed by contacting SCF.
However, due to technical constraints (e.g. the software provider of, this may be impossible or incur considerable expense).

VIII.    Your Log-In to SCF via 3rd Parties
You may, if available, log-in to SCF using different sign-in options provided by 3rd Parties that are available on SCF, e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, Google.
Difference options operated by third parties will authenticate your identity, and personal information may be shared with SCF; such as name and email address to login, and online behaviour.

IX.    Updates to Space CrowdFund Privacy Policy
SCF and or SVI will update the privacy policy to keep abreast of enhancements required to make Space CrowdFund a safe, secure, private, and operational platform.
When changes are required, SCF will notify anyone using SCF by email stating that SCF will be changing the Privacy Policy. Everyone associated is required to read any related emails and follow any related links to update themselves on changes.

X.    Feedback
You may contact SCF about any matter related to your use of SCF.
we are [as one word without spaces] AT
Postal Address
Postfach 600754, 60337
Frankfurt am Main, Germany