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  1. Download the PDF Space CrowdFund User Guide or view it via SlideShare on LinkedIn. The guide explains the background to, and how to properly use, Space CrowdFund.
  2. Read this webpage, including the Quick Overview and right through to the Example.

Quick Overview

Space CrowdFund is a match maker for:

  • Backers (space investors), with
  • Projects (space companies), and
  • Project Partners can support a Project , e.g. offering a niche service

The best way to Register is:

Next Step

We will send you an email with a login, or direct to a URL for you to create your login.

Can I Create My Own Account?

Yes you can create your own account, but in order for us to properly register you as a member, you will need to fill in the required online forms to Be a Space Investor or  Launch a Space Project and accept the Terms and Conditions.

An Example of Space CrowdFund Process

From Concept to Project

A Project Owner has developed an idea for a Space Start-up, including:

  • An interesting technology development or use of existing technologies for an application in space commerce,
  • A business model,
  • An estimate of funding required, and
  • Gathered a team with the right skills to implement their idea.

The Project Owner then approaches SCF and enters the relevant information in the Launch a Project page.

The Review Process – 2-4 weeks

SCF reviews all available information, including the technology (will it work?), the business model, the capital requirements (are they realistic?), and the ideal kind of investors they would like,

If the Project is deemed as possible, SCF initiates an ongoing review process the Project Owner and other stakeholders.

The Project Content – 2-6 weeks

Project content will be edited by the Project Owner and SCF.

The Project Owner is seeking capital from interested space investors (Backers who have signed up) in exchange for equity (or other) in the business (the Project).
The Project Owner and SCF agree via ‘SCF Project Agreement’ on the required investor capital, the minimum investor amount from each investor (User), e.g. $2,000, and how long the Project shall be published on SCF, e.g. 6 months.

The Project Goes Live  – 6 Months Campaign Duration

SCF publishes the Project and implements the parameters of the Project (investment amounts).

SCF also sends a monthly Newsletter to Members that have opted-in to receive this newsletter.

Several Members visit the Project.

Visitors, browsing websites about investing in space, find SCF and signup to become Members and visit the Project.

Visitors to SCF related social media platforms find out about the Project and signup on SCF.

Every month, SCF will report to the Project Owner basic information about their Project; Visitors’ and Members’ online interaction with their Project on SCF, and general information about Project Backers; this information comes from when Backers have signed up.

After 3 Months, a prospective Project Partner approaches the Project Owner to offer their services. The Project Owner agrees but the content of their Project now changes; all Project Backers are advised by email of these changes and they can decide to continue with the Project or not.

After 6 months, from the Members on SCF, some have become Project Backers of the Project.

SCF then contacts the Project Owner with the details of the Project Backers.

Backers Becomes Investors

It is the ultimate responsibility of the Project Owner to communicate with the Project Backers about how they wish to exactly raise funding for the Project; this may include share issuance in their own region, or via a third party.

It is the ultimate decision of a Project Backer if they wish to invest in the Project.

The Project Backers that do go ahead are now investors, and are now dealing with the Project Owner.

The Project Backers are still Members on SCF, they can continue to back other interesting space commerce ventures, like investing in space tourism, the business of investing in interplanetary transport, funding space resources missions, and even investing in a Mars colony.

When a Project meets its funding requirements, and Project Backers fund the Project, SCF takes a small fee. SCF is a commercial operation.

Download the Space CrowdFund User Guide.

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