Be a Partner

If you have a space related business and would like to be listed as a Partner get in contact with us.

Your current skills, services and products in space commerce will be welcomed by the growing community of space start-ups, SMEs, and evolving companies.

We All Need Partners

Any entrepreneurial space venture seeking investors will also be seeking partners, be it space systems supply chains, personnel, software, launch logistics, legal advice on international space law, project management, and a long list of other niche space specialties.

As a crowd fund for space companies, we have to make sure that the crowd includes the entire space industry ecosystem; from individuals to established companies.

On Space CrowdFund a Project will most likely require Partners to move their funded project into an executable mission, product or service. Therefore, the inclusion of Partners is integral to the success of Projects. Naturally, Partners‘ services and expertise comes at a cost, which should be factored into each Project budget.

Some Project Owners may not wish to document their full list of suppliers (it could be the intellectual property of their space commerce business).

All Partners, once screened, that are published on Space CrowdFund will be listed in a Partners Index, which includes a brief description of their offering, and a link to their website. Backers as investors will research Projects and the Partners involved.

Can Partners Create Projects?

Yes, a Partner listed on Space CrowdFund may create its own Project, but the one company or individual can not be a Project Owner and list itself as a Partner on the same Project.

Resolving Conflicts between Projects and Partners

The first step to resolving conflicts is to avoid conflicts, therefore a Partner can not be a Project Owner to raise funds to fund their business so that they can be a Partner.

What a Partner brings to a Project are their current skills, expertise, product or service, that they can offer when they choose to be listed on Space Crowd Fund. In short, what they have now defines their status as a Partner, not what they might have should the receive funding via their own project.

As Space Crowd Fund reviews all Projects and therefore inclusion of Partners, we reserve the right to exclude Partners from certain Projects.
A Partner may not have the right skill set, or have reached the necessary level of proficiency, or it may require more time and experience to be a of real practical use. This is not to say they should not be a Partner, they can be listed as Partner, but only relative to how they can realistically apply themselves.

For more detailed information, please read our Terms and Conditions.

Space is an Emerging Industry – Can Newcomers be Partners?

Yes, particularly when thinking of the growing number of highly educated graduates looking for roles in the space industry, their ideas; while not commercially viable right now, may find a practical and commercial use as a Partner for yet to be created Projects, or in other words, a Space Company of the Future.

Partners may list their space specific speciality, because their unique offering may be what is required, or one of the many vital pieces, to scale a space start-up up into a mainstream industry.

What Happens to Partners When a Project is Successfully Funded?

As the Project Owner is responsible for their Project, they are also responsible for providing Backers with transparent investor related information, and ultimately responsible for their conduct of business. If there is no change to their original business plan, then a Partner does effectively have the first right to provide their services or products, unless the business plan changes (which they sometimes do). Also, when Backers become Investors and therefore shareholders that can vote in substantial numbers, they may eventually decide on how to run their space company.

Space Ventures Investors (the owner of Space CrowdFund) may intervene in any disputes.