Space CrowdFunding

Space CrowdFund has a simple mission: To match space entrepreneurs (e.g. rocket scientists, aerospace technicians, graduates and inventors), their space start-ups and companies, with investors (from private investors to financial institutions), from all around the world.

Space startups take time to build and launch.

We welcome energetic and intelligent members to our Space CrowdFund.

Important: What Type of Member Are You?

Space Startups looking for funding

Users and Project Backers – Join
A User is a person that has signed up to spacecrowdfund.com with the intention of becoming a Project Backer, becoming a Project Owner or Project Partner, or is interested to watch the developments of other Users and Projects.

Project Backers are Users that have stated their intention to support a Project financially, or otherwise (e.g. in-kind support, work commitment, share swap, bond or otherwise).

Join to Become a Space Investor

We like to find out more about all Project Backers, so expect an email from us.

Projects and Project Owners – Join

A Project is a stated Product, Business Model, Space Mission, Financial Product, or Concept that is seeking investor capital, from Users who become Project Backers, in exchange for equity or some other remuneration.

There is no specific limit on what constitutes a Project, except that it must be space related, and profit driven.

A Project Owner is an Individual, or a Team, or a proposed or existing Company, that has full responsibility for a Project.

Join to Launch a Project as a Project Owner

Note: SCF screens all Project Proposals.

Project Partners
A company, organisation, or non-profit, that has declared their interest to support a specific Project, if that Project reaches its funding goals. Visit Be a Partner to find out more.

Stay in Contact

For direct emails and meetings, visit our contact page.

Or, join our Space CrowdFund Mailing List and we will keep you updated with what’s going on.

How We Operate

Space CrowdFund is committed to solving two complex tasks at the same time:

  1. Supporting Space Commerce, by sourcing new capital for space start-ups and space companies, so that their technological and data driven products and business models can become revenue generating entities.
  2. Abiding by the Rules and Regulations from multiple regions that govern how investors (of all sizes) can support new and existing businesses. Central themes are making sure that investors understand the risks involved, and ensuring the transparency of project business plans and management teams.

Your Data

Your details (personal and company data) are used only for the purpose of operating this website. No User data is to be accessed by any third party.

Who is Space CrowdFund

Space CrowdFund is operated by Space Ventures Investors Ltd.

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