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Welcome to Space CrowdFund

What is Significant About a Space CrowdFund

History is exploration and change. The lowering of the cost of entry to space is upon us, examples include SpaceX's re-usable rockets, and the miniaturization of technology - think of a smartphone converted into a micro satellite, x 100, operating as a swarm.
But exploration requires money. Now technology is changing how we find new space ventures and how we invest in them.
Equity CrowdFunding is an extension of the digital revolution and FinTech; Private space missions and space start-ups can raise funds directly from investors, like retail investors (e.g. people buying space stocks) and interested syndicates.
The evolution of Space has gone from a mono 20th Century tax-payer funded, nation-state space agency model, to a hybrid model, incorporating the 21st Century de-centralization of space, thanks to committed space entrepreneurs (and the venture capital and space angels backing them) and funding methods like crowdfunding, fueling the emergence of Space Commerce, also known as New Space and Space 2.0...
This is an amazing opportunity – the democratization of space.

How Much Should You Invest in a Space Crowd Fund?

Our goal is to promote the funding of space businesses that are technically sound, able to be implemented, and deliver on their stated intention.
We suggest to only invest what you as an individual or group see as acceptable based on meeting your own goals, your goals may to partake in a space educational mission, or support a for profit space mission to mine asteroids. You may set aside part of your investment portfolio only for space investments – we recommend investing no more than 5% of your total portfolio in space, and to balance any mid to high risk investment with something stable and low-risk.

The Opportunity

We will see in the next five years a massive opportunity for space entrepreneurs who are experienced or technically capable, to adhere to the technical specifications for designing space hardware, plus software and data specialists, to, for example:
Develop nano-satellites (and other variants like CubeSats and Small satellites) and software for these next generation satellites, that...
Utilize lower launch costs to gain access to low earth orbit to...
Capitalize on global broadband capacity offered by swarms of low-cost satellites...
In order to use low earth orbit as a base to offer disruptive and competing services to their terrestrial equivalent.
As a space investment service and space crowd fund operator we know that investors are well aware of their limitations, as the inventor is aware of their own limitation: Capital to launch their ideas into reality.
Space, however, is not your normal start-up scene. In the next 5-10 years, when investor capital is applied to well thought-out and innovative space missions that utilize the drastically lowering costs (barrier to entry) of space, truly innovative and profitable concepts will offer elegant solutions to existing problems.
The scope of utilising space as an upper platform to complement existing technology is not limited, and is just a start in the role humanity will play in pushing out from earth towards the stars.
If you interested in investing in rocket companies, now there is the prospect of investing in inter-planetary transport, because rocket manufacturers and their supply chains already exist, some are well known space stocks.