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Space Funds

This page contains information about space funds, including what currently exists and is open to investors, and what will exist in the future. If you would like a comparative overview of any of these, or other space funds, then get in contact.

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This website is maintained by Simon Drake, CEO of Space Ventures Investors (see profile below), Lunar Resources Register, and Space Commodities Exchange.

Space Fund Related Terminology

Mutual Space Funds; Based on Mutual Funds model, used in the United State of America. They can be bought and sold like equities and very liquid.

Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and SEIS Space Funds; tax efficient funding for new space companies used in the United Kingdom. EIS Space Funds are currently attracting investors.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) for Space Investing, based on Aerospace ETFs. The goal of a Space ETF would be to track and manage a balance portfolio of aerospace stocks and space stocks. Any space portfolio would have to take into account the risk appetite of investors and their expected return on investment.

Space Investing Companies that operate like a Fund: By nature a fund keeps the investors at arm’s length from management and decision makers, yet a Space Investing Company likes to keep its investors (by way of shares in the space company) part of the process and operates like a fund; investing in and out of selected space companies.

Space Mining Fund Our future focus is to build a space mining fund to focus on resource scarcity as a driver of funding space resources, or more succintly, funding Lunar Commerce and asteroid mining.

Space Stocks. Interested in space travel stocks, and space exploration stocks? Go visit Space industry stocks.

Space exploration ETF

U.S. Space Exchange Traded Funds For Everyday Investors

ARK Space Exploration & Innovation ETF


ARKX is a generalist space fund, with a mix of space stocks, plus obligatory aerospace and tech ventures.
ARKX is actively managed, and invests about 80% of the portfolio in US and international stocks that are engaged in the theme of Space Exploration and innovation; which expand into many non-space areas. They claim to include both Orbital and Sub-Orbital Aerospace Companies (e.g. launch providers and satellites) plus many companies that have limited space applications.


Space ETF

Space ETF has a portfolio of standard and gerneralist aerospace and communicatins companies, plus some more specific space companies. Reported Net Assets: US$38m (Sep-2020)

US Space Funds

US Space Fund, minimum investment US$50k

Space Angels Network

The Space Angels Network is nearly 10 years old, has been at the forefront of arranging space investment in the US, but is somewhat restricted to larger investors.
To date they have founded 40 companies, have over 200 members, and have an impressive co-investor line-up including well known Venture Capital companies and pro-space advocates like Larry Page (Google) and Richard Branson (Virgin Galactic).

US Space VC Fund

Starbridge Space Venture Capital

Starbridge Venture Capital focuses on companies in areas such as manufacturing in space, earth observation, small satellites and space communicatons.

Space Fund

Space Fund Token

Space Fund is a tokenised U.S. space fund for accredited investors, with plans to launch US$50 million SpaceFund One, which will be liquid via a limited number of security tokens allocated to limited partner investors. Minimum entry is US$500k.

Spaced Ventures

Spaced Ventures

Spaced Ventures is A U.S. space investment portal, where accredited investors can own shares of space startups.

Noosphere Ventures

Noosphere Ventures

Noosphere Ventures is A U.S. space investment company, that invests in space technology companies plus engineering innovations.

European Space Funds

UK Private Space Investing Company with shareholders

Space Ventures Investors

Space Ventures Investors was founded in 2014, started raising capital in 2018, and focusses on Earth Observation, Space Commerce and Space Resources.

The company has shareholders, operates partially like a fund, and is mandateb to build a Strateigc Space Value Chain.

UK Space Fund, minimum investment GBP100k

Seraphim Space Fund

Seraphim Capital has a £50m fund launched in 2016 that is focused terrestrial technology and space applications. Investors come from leading aerospace and space companies. The fund is supported by the UK Space Agency and the European Space Agency.

The fund invests in both software and upstream opportunities, plus technology that uses satellite data, and technology related to the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, robotics and nanomaterials.

EBAN Space

EBAN European Space Fund

EBAN Space's Executive Committee members are investors, entrepreneurs and stakeholders. Their time and expertise is used to promote and advance Europe’s ecosystem for entrepreneurship, innovation, and investment in the space sector.

Space Crowdfunding

Space Starters

SpaceStarters is a space crowd investing platform for space-based companies and combines the expertise in venture capital with early investors to participate in funding new space companies.

French Space Tech Fund

French Space Fund

CosmiCapital is a European Venture Capital fund supported and sponsored by the French government space agency and is focused on private companies involved in space and related applications.
The investments are planned to be from early stage to growth rounds, with the aim of growing a portfolio of diversified breakthrough space startups.

Space Startup Incubator

Space statup incubator

Starburst provides access to seed funding from business angels and venture capital firms that are focussed on Aerospace, Defense and Security.
Starburt is mostly French based, and proclaims to have many startups and partners.

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