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Information About CrowdFunding for Space Missions, Start-ups and Companies

Crowdfunding can be used as a capital raising method, or supplementary financing, for space commerce activities when the cost of the mission (or project) can be adequately met.
Our goal is to promote the funding of space enterprises that have a good chance of being funded because they are technically sound concepts, able to be implemented, and can deliver a result, be it educational or commercial.
The Opportunity
There is more to space than lunar landings and missions to Mars.
We see a massive opportunity for entrepreneurs who are experienced or technically capable, to adhere to the technical specifications for designing space hardware, plus software and data specialists, to, for example:

  • Develop nano-satellites (and other variants) and software for these next generation satellites, that...
  • Utilise lower launch costs to gain access to low earth orbit to...
  • Capitalize on global broadband capacity offered by swarms of low-cost satellites...
  • In order to use low earth orbit as a base to offer disruptive and competing services to their terrestrial equivalent.

We know that investors are well aware of their limitations, as the inventor is aware of their own limitation: Capital to launch their ideas into reality.
Space, however, is not your normal start-up scene.
In the next five to ten years, when investor capital is applied to well thought out and innovative space missions that utilise the drastically lowering costs (barrier to entry) of space, truly innovative and profitable concepts will offer elegant solutions to existing restraints.
The scope of utilising space as an upper platform to complement existing technology is not limited, and is just a start in the role humanity will play in pushing out from earth towards the stars.
Sounds science fiction? Well, it is. But most of the technology you are using today was definitely sci-fi two decades ago. As technology rises, so too can its uses in Space.

Is Your Space CrowdFunding Concept Ready?

If you would like your Crowdfunding Campaign for a Space Start-up or Company to appear on this website, please get in contact.

We promote various space companies and users will be directed to 3rd party platforms.
Space CrowdFund has a simple mission: To match space entrepreneurs (e.g. rocket scientists, aerospace technicians, graduates and inventors), their space start-ups and companies, with investors (from private investors to financial institutions), from all around the world.
Space CrowdFund is committed to solving two complex tasks at the same time:
1. Supporting Space Commerce, by sourcing new capital for space start-ups and space companies, so that their technological and data driven products and business models can become revenue generating entities.
2. Abiding by the Rules and Regulations from multiple regions that govern how investors (of all sizes) can support new and existing businesses. Central themes are making sure that investors understand the risks involved, and ensuring the transparency of project business plans and management teams.

Are You Planning a Crowd Funding Campaign for a Space Company?

Investors in space are sophisticated, savvy and most of all sceptical. Before submitting to a Crowd Funding platform, please consider:

  • Equity vs Donation: Are you raising capital and giving equity to shareholders, or just asking for donations.
  • Existing Capital. Have you received funding or support, e.g. previously crowdfunding (including not reaching your target which is not a hindrance), support from space agencies like the European Space Agency Business Incubator Centres , or do you have your own capital already invested?
  • The Team. Who are you. Who is the team. How many hours per work can be committed and with funding, how will the emerging space business operate? We do offer services to facilitate space start-ups setting up their business without having to drown in bureaucracy.
  • The Knowledge. Following on the from the team, what knowledge is tied into the project which is unique? This may be intellectual property, patents, or simple putting existing technology together into a space setting a theme we are looking favourably on.
  • The Launch Plan. Technically, how to get your project up there / up into orbit / up into orbit and back down to earth again.
  • The Business Plan. How do you envisage your space hardware, software or service to fill a niche or open up an opportunity?
  • Transparent Milestones and Options. Investors require results to reward their own decision making. A crowdfunded space project needs transparent milestones and backup options if after funding, the road to launch or activation takes a turn for the worse, or even better, in a completely unexpected and more positive direction leads to, and dare we say it, a truly disruptive outcome
  • What are othe space funds doing. Check out this interview with Chad Anderson from Space Angels Network about one type of space fund.

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